Warriors score $40,000 transfer fee for Joey Didulica move

Author: Sarah Bieske   Courtesy: http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/ 
JOEY DIDULICA’S pricey transfer from Austria Wien to Dutch team AZ Alkmaar paid dividends for his hometown club North Geelong, which yesterday received a cut of the 2006 deal.

North Geelong was paid $40,000 from the transfer fee under FIFA rules to recognise a player’s junior club for its role in developing [...]

Joey Didulica joins juniors at training

One of North Geelong’s favourite son’s, Joey Didulica, came home to run a training session. All the kids (not to mention a few adults) loved the experience.

Joey was kind enough to come down to the club and volunteer his time and experience. Joey set-up the training drills and provided the young one with invaluable advice [...]

Joey bounces back

Author: Michael Auciello           Courtesy: http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/ 
IT’S taken a long and painful recovery for Joey Didulica to realise that money can’t buy happiness.
More than 15 months on from copping a cracking strike to his chin while in goals for his Dutch club, the Geelong-born soccer export is still making his slow way back to the top of [...]