Home sweet home for Geelong soccer star Josip Skoko

Courtesy: Geelong Advertiser
TONIGHT promises to be an emotional homecoming when Josip Skoko ends his stellar playing career in front of a home crowd tonight.
Some say he’s been home for the past year as one of Melbourne Heart’s marquee names this season but tonight will be his real homecoming for it marks the day he [...]

Josip Skoko retirement to leave a hole in the Heart

Courtesy:  Geelong Advertiser
JOSIP Skoko’s professionalism will be the lasting legacy he leaves on the Melbourne Heart’s culture after he retires, claims club captain Simon Colosimo.

The Geelong soccer star yesterday announced he was quitting professional football when the Heart’s A-League season comes to an end, closing the curtain on a decorated club and international career.

The [...]