Public Notice: RSA accreditation courses

Just a little reminder that if anyone from the club needs to gain their RSA accreditation there are a couple of courses coming up very soon

Game day Behaviour

To all members & supporters

In recent weeks there have been a number of incidences in Victorian football that have placed a blemish on our game, therefore we would like to remind all supporters/members that the clubs commitment is to make our games enjoyable and entertaining to watch without any negative behaviour.

Should any of our supporters/members be involved in such negative behaviour that places a blemish on the game and the reputation of NGWSC, such as fighting, spitting at others, etc.., they will be requested to face our Independent Disciplinary Committee (IDP), where a decision will be made on their future with our club.

Should a person be found guilty of any such negative behaviour the penalties could range from fines through to bans from games or even club events.

NGWSC Committee