FEATURE: RISING LOCAL STARS: Nickolas and Hannah Skotnica

Posted: Saturday, February 14th, 2015. Categories: News.



Bright future assured for talented youngster young Nickolas Skotnica


By: Tonci PRUSAC

NICKOLAS Skotnica is a young goalkeeper with a bright future. So bright, in fact, that the talented shotstopper is set to experience the bright lights of Barcelona and London, as part of two international football expeditions, later this year.

Skotnica, who plays with North Geelong Warriors in the Junior NPL competition, was competing for the Victorian state Under 13 team at this year’s National Futsal Championships in Sydney.

He caught the eye of selectors so much so that he has been selected in an Australian Invitational team to travel to Barcelona, later this year.

But, it seems that 2015 is set to be an even bigger globe trotting adventure for the youngster from Bell Park.

He recently went to Canberra to attend a select only International Coerver Camp. Whilst there, he met Dan Gasper, formerly the Portuguese National goalkeeping coach and the current Iran goalkeeping coach.

Following the meeting with Gasper, young Nickolas has been invited to attend training in America in July.

To top it all off, in recent days, the Skotnica family has found out that Nickolas has been selected to tour London as part of an Australian Under 13s Invitational Select. Whilst there, the team will train with EPL giants Chelsea FC, Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur FC, all thanks to Coerver Australia and Generation Adidas International.

Understandably proud of her young son, mum Magda explained how Nickolas first started playing soccer at North Geelong Warriors when he was just five years old.

“Nickolas has always played soccer. He loves the sport and has always dreamt of being a professional goalkeeper, just like his idol, Peter Cech, who currently plays for Chelsea FC.

According to Magda, Nickolas has always played above his age group and all of his hard work is starting to reap rewards.

“Being picked for the Australian representative side to tour Barcelona has given him a new confidence, that all the hard work he has put in is finally paying off and people are recognising his skills,” explained Magda.

“We are very proud of Nickolas and all his achievements and if soccer is what he wants to do and it will make him happy then we as parents will do everything in our power to make that come true, but in the end it all rests on Nickolas himself to make his dreams become a reality,” concluded Magda.

The good news, however, doesn’t stop there for the proud Skotnicas.

It was revealed today that, after completing a summer camp in Canberra over the Christmas holidays, Nickolas’ equally talented young sister, Hannah, has been chosen as a standby player in an Under 8s team to tour Japan in September this year.

We wish the Skotnica all the best as they pursue their footballing dreams!