Warriors score $40,000 transfer fee for Joey Didulica move

Posted: Sunday, July 13th, 2008. Categories: News.


Author: Sarah Bieske   Courtesy: http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/ 

JOEY DIDULICA’S pricey transfer from Austria Wien to Dutch team AZ Alkmaar paid dividends for his hometown club North Geelong, which yesterday received a cut of the 2006 deal.

North Geelong was paid $40,000 from the transfer fee under FIFA rules to recognise a player’s junior club for its role in developing the player by giving it a small percentage of the transfer. Melbourne Knights, where Didulica also played, will also receive a payment.

North Geelong has produced other great soccer talents, including Josip Skoko, Steve Horvat and Matthew Spiranovic, and president Stan Demo said being financially rewarded for developing soccer stars was a great incentive.

“It’s fantastic for the club. It really needs a bit of a spruce up and we will probably use some of it for when we install lights, which will be partly funded by the council, so it’s a real bonus for us,” Demo said.

“It goes to show if you develop players at a young age, you can reap the rewards when they go off and play in the big leagues.”

Didulica’s mother Mary, who spent many years washing dirty jumpers, doing orange runs and going to club meetings while her boys played soccer, said the payment was a much-needed boost for the club.

She said she cherished her memories of the club and remained an avid North Geelong supporter.

“It’s just fantastic for a local club, it take ages to save up that sort of money,” she said. “Joey’s never forgotten the North Geelong Soccer Club, he always donates money when they have a fundraiser, he’s very generous like that.

“All of the players and parents from my kids’ time at the club have become an extended family, it’s a wonderful club so I’m just pleased that they’ve got this money because I’m sure it will be very useful.”